How do you explain "Done"?

How do you explain “Done”?

This is another intriguing conversation, our definitions seem to vary quite fair it from what I’ve read on Twitter and LinkedIn. There’s a mix of the product being delivered to happy customers through to “A temporary state until something relevant changes, at which point reanalysis of “done” is warranted.” and “With a detailed report of what’s covered, what’s not, and the caveats.”.

So what definition do you use in your workplace?

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Classic topic. In theory it should be “when no more work is needed” in reality it seem to be “when I do not need to work more on it”

We have also tried exit checklists, or definition of done but so far neither have been 100%.

Then of course we have the classic done done too. :slight_smile:
Right now we have a 80% rules. This task is to be done with this to 80%. Then we have another task that is the remaining 20% which is mainly to make tweaks and incorporate feedback.