How do you handle test data for standard systems

Hi all,

Looking into testing standard business applications: SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Sitecore, Salesforce, etc - how do you approach test data setup & usage?

Are there any key learnings with we look at automation for the same? Eg. for a daily “CI-like” regression run. What are your experiences: should the run include setting up data (orders, inventory…) or should data be in the system already?

(Experiences from CI/CD might apply - but remember for standard systems I can’t access the code of the system under test).

thank’s all

If it’s a cloud-based application It better to keep a master copy of the instance with the test data and just clone the instance and then test/run automation and deactivate the instance.

If It’s not a cloud-based application it is better to create a Test Database and use pre-script to upload the data into the application using bulk or any other means available.

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