How do you manage your reading time?

Hey, this question is for you effective readers out there (notice I didn’t say regular readers). You know what? I really want to read but…

  • So much going on at work just focusing on testing
  • Outside of work, I tend not to do further exploration of testing myself (currently I have been learning more about SpecFlow, but this is my general pattern)
  • Books can be thick, hard to extract wisdom from. I read, I forget.
  • I do have a list I want to to get through (for example, the famous Agile Testing book)
  • There are interesting blogs too… now that will add more seconds and minutes to my time wouldnt it? Maybe I should follow just the important ones. So many though, mozilla, Google Chrome, latest trends in web… (recommend me some!)

Sorry about the stream of consciousness, where were we? Ah yes. So… how do you manage your reading time? Most importantly, how do you read to get the most from a book?

In general whenever there is confusion personally it helps to write down things.

Try it out. Any kind of writing helps - just speak your mind and at the same time write it as personal note ( I use Evernote). Why you want to read, what goals do you want to achieve, which books or blogs align with it, where are you at currently, etc.

Good idea, but it’s actually better to use real paper and pen rather than apps.

I tend to ignore things that I write down in digital format, but lately I’ve been practicing writing down tasks and goals on paper that I keep on my desk all the time. It helps me keep important things in sight, and there is some enjoyable feeling when I finish something and cross it out in list with a real pen.

I’ve taken to carrying a physical notebook with me to jot down ideas, lists and drafts of stuff to go online later (though that doesn’t always happen).

As for reading itself, I usually manage perhaps an hour between getting home and starting to cook; and at least ten minutes before I turn the light out at night. At weekends, if I don’t have any other commitments, I may have an hour or so’s reading Saturday and/or Sunday morning and perhaps another twenty minutes/half-hour after lunch. During the week, lunch is an opportunity to catch up on some blogs and other online stuff. One or twice a month, I attend an evening event and so have to have my evening meal out; I take a book along so I can have thirty minutes or so over coffee before the meeting. And if I’m travelling, then I see that as an opportunity for some real reading time!