How do you stay "on time" during a test session?

(Simon) #1

At the end of last year I experimented with song based playlists. I thought it might be cool to replace the standard timer. I set myself a goal of creating an “ambient mix” using tracks that don’t have beats and vocals – to avoid getting caught up in the music

Listen to them here:

30 minutes Exploratory Testing Session – Ambient Mix
45 minutes Exploratory Testing Session – Ambient Mix

(you’ll need a Spotify Premium account for ad-free and on time listening)

What do you use to help stay “on time” during a test session?

(Aine) #2

This is interesting. I used to use a tomato timer, still do when I’m doing other work. Well a timer of sorts, I sometimes get fed up with playlists. This is a great option though

(Kim) #3

For me it is normally the next meeting that means I will accurately time box my test session. lol.
I have used just my phone alarm before as well though. I like the idea of playlists also! Thanks for sharing!

(Adam) #4

I’ve used Pomello in the past. It’s a Pomodoro timer that links with Trello tasks. Pretty nifty :slight_smile: