What do you do/listen to while testing - any weird habits?

I asked the following question to a few of my colleagues/friends: What do you do while testing/writing tests?

I mostly listen to some EDM/Techno/Metal music while writing tests with a cold drink in front of me.
The weirdest answer I had so far was:

  • Since covid & working from home: “I talk to my rubber duck allllllll the time, it helped me during development and now it helps me during testing”

I’m interested to see what you guys do, perhaps some new idea’s might come up.
Any weird habits? :wink:


I used to play with my hair while I thought until my wife made me a fidget ring. She didn’t want me to pull all my hair out :slight_smile:


I also talk out loud during coding because my thoughts go too fast and all over the place. Talking out loud slows me down and seriously helps me to solve the problem more quickly.

Music wise, give me black metal any day as coding music. It’s just a wall of sound that’s calming to me, though I guess not many people would agree with me :slight_smile:


I need to get a fiddle ring at some point. I have at least 2 drinks at any one time (usually a combo or water, tea, and coke zero). I also cannot work to music, but I can’t work in silence either so I have to play an audiobook or a podcast so I have the background noise of voices to work to :woman_shrugging:


I wish I could listen to podcasts, webinars and such, but sadly my brain doesn’t allow me to.

I can listen to music though, so I listen to that a lot.

But I also like joining virtual team rooms or the Tester’s Hangout, for background noise.

Nothing kills me more than silence.


I listen to metal, hip hop or asmr :grin:

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Looks so familiar! :smiley:

Yes indeed!

Seems many do like metal :slight_smile:

I tend to have my music library on shuffle when doing any kind of testing activity (which mostly seems to be reviewing stuff or writing strategies nowadays…)

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