Music whilst you work

I find that working with music helps relax me and helps me focus. Does anyone else find this too?

apps do people use?

Apple, soundcloud, Spotify?

Paid and free version?

I’ve got Spotify and soundcloud but their suggestions are at times annoying… And irrelevant to what I am actually listening to


Not always, but often I do listen to music too while working. It has to be instrumental though. Classical music, or 70s synth is my go to. No subscription services for me, all from my own MP3 collection, which I stream from my media server


I often listen to music or podcasts when I’m doing stuff. If I really need to focus I use noisli to generate some background noise. Comes on handy if I’m writing in particular.

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For me it’s podcasts, asmr, hip hop or metal :sunglasses:

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When I do have something on, it’s most likely something without words, whether it’s trance, classical, instrumental versions, whatever. I currently mainly use a paid Spotify account since ads can be pretty disruptive/distracting.

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It depends a lot on the task but I do listen to music during the day. It ranges from concentration/meditation music to other custom playlists that I have on youtube. Usually free stuff.

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Metal/EDM/EBM via Youtube ( with adblock :smiley: )
You can make playlists on there also and it’s completely free

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Mostly when not on meetings, I have my entire Apple Music library on shuffle (circa 20k songs) varying from music soundtracks or wwe theme tunes to pop, rock, indie, dance, country and folk music. So quite a random mix…

I mostly listen to podcasts. I have two groupings of podcasts: some that I don’t mind listening to in the background while I work (knowing I may not be able to catch everything) and others I listen to while doing household chores or whatever (where I can focus on them and absorb everything).

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In the office I use to listen to music all the time. I don’t at all at home. I suppose it’s because I can focus more /less distraction.
Sometimes in the evening I use the headspace focus music to relax.

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Metal while you work? That’s hardcore!

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Wow edm would make me more hyper… Would love to know how to use it to help productivity though

That’s a wide selection

I actually put it really loud also, so it removes other sounds from my environment and I can just focus more with this kind of music :smiley:

Yeah… the randomness suits my mind… :slight_smile:

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:laughing: Interesting… Louder to block out external noise

That’s interesting. I like listening to music at home ans can put it louder as no one is around… Although I do miss the background keyboard noises…

I used to listen to wellness Podcasts but found I have to concentrate when it’s spoken word than music…

Heads pace is a great app! Used it during lockdown and find it very useful, at my own pace.

I like your approach! I planned on creating my own media centre to remotely stream to but just found using free apps easier… But with lockdown, the ads got more frequent so put me off

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