[Mindfulness and Testing] Do you have any tips to apply meditation in your testing sessions to bring more energy and value to your testing?

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It’s important to take a break and breath before starting your testing sessions to get your focus.

Inspired by this article

AlgoDaily - Debugging Abstractions: The Benefits of Mindfulness for Software Engineers

Started thinking about mindfulness for software testers, do you have any tips and tricks ?


I often play https://garticphone.com/ with the people.
This triggers the creative mode of the brain so, always useful before a testing challenge.

  • It’s a fun game and it also increases the bonding of the team.

Thanks for sharing ! sounds amazing :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I find getting away from my desk and going for a quick walk between tasks helps me.

Also I take lunch away from my desk and usually spend some time chilling out in my car.

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Having a dog is a big benefit. Taking him for a walk always reenergises me, and clears my mind. To keep focus during testing , I put on a playlist. Depending on the mood it can vary from classical to 70s synthesizer ; in any case needs to be instrumental.

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