How would you KonMari your testing work?

Marie Kondo is now world famous for her KonMari approach to minimising things in life.

I’m surprised it hasn’t really been mentioned in a software testing context, but how would you KonMari your testing world?

What testing things can you discard?
Does your testing spark joy?
Do you get to follow your intuition?
How will decluttering within testing support you and your team?


One thing I often do is konmari my desktop of files. There’s normally so much test data I create and some of those are probably duplicates. Awhile back I created a folder called test data and added sections to it. Much easier to find what you are looking for. Decluttering my desktop allows for a clearer mind :wink: makes it quicker to find things and share amongst the wider team.



For me, I need to go through my “resources” folder… I have far too many that I bookmarked once and never look at :see_no_evil: I think it’d help my team so I can share the resources I find useful instead of just dumping an entire folder on them

My testing does spark joy because I love my job and I often get to follow my intuition while testing. :smile:


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Testing definitely sparks joy for me, but to the developers not necessarily :stuck_out_tongue: seeing as they have to fix/ change whatever they made earlier. I think KonMari approach could be useful with whole SDLC, not only testing. However folder with all the screenshots/ gifs I made while catching bugs definitely needs decluttering :slight_smile: