How do you use software that you are not supposed to test ( on the job)

Recently had a discussion with a developer friend and he asked me: How can I enjoy software since I always aim to prove that the software has bugs?

That got me thinking but I would like to know your answers. How do you use software outside work and still get satisfaction.

Fun fact - I once almost did not make my food order during the pandemic because I was testing the app while actually putting in my order. It turned out ok in the end but it was close and all because of some special characters and some bugs in the app :smiley:


I always say: You get a new piece of software that nobody has ever seen yet, and you can break it down, hack it or nuke down servers with performance tests AND get paid for it? #Dreamjob (in the voice of Jack Black)

I just try to break it down also if I have the time :man_shrugging:t2:,

  • I always submit the form first to see which fields are really required
  • Then I fill in all the optional fields and submit again :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Then I try to make an account with zero-width spaces as a name
  • I look at their security, 90% of the time report some issues

But keeping it all legal of course! :smiley:


I can’t help myself either, I’m always poking around in any app I’m using, and I still enjoy using software, not all of it is buggy and sometimes a defect can be fun, especially some silly glitches in games like getting your characters head stuck in a wall, or something along those lines. :scream:

If I find something I’d usually let the app developers (or some other potentially concern part) know about it - sometimes I get a thank you back, but most of the times the only reply is silence, oh well!


I wrote some small ideas here :smiley:


I would add in the section of the Bug Bounty programs: Make sure you have permission before you test! Because bug bounty programs often require you to use specific headers with your nameID or specific emails from their platform otherwise it is marked as illegal activities & you will not get a bounty :stuck_out_tongue:


A brilliant reflection on the ADHD mode our brain flips into whenever we encounter a new tool or system Ioan :slight_smile: Excellent contribution.

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