How many types of performance testing are there?

If you hear the term perfoamance testing what comes to mind?

Well I was thinking about that and made a short article and video about the different types of performance testing and about the code that you would need to implement them with k6.

Have a look and write to me what you think


Two, there are basically 2 β€œkinds”. But only one of them breaks down into many many metrics, half of which do not affect the quality.

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I think of this generally:
Responsiveness - how quickly a service returns a response;
Load - how the system reacts under some load over time or at a time.

Most of the rest rely on these initial types, they just vary things a bit, depend on certain quality characteristics, or relate to how testing is done or the outcome expected.

Digging on the internet for types of performance tests I collected these:
load, stress, soak/endurance, spike, scalability, volume, concurrency, throughput, latency, benchmark, isolation, failover, compatibility, distributed, real user monitor, resource utilization, capacity, reliability, configuration, recovery, internet, average-load, protocol-based, browser-based, unit test, functional, resilience, backend, component/module testing