How often do you hear/read "That'll never happen!"?

How often do you hear/read “That’ll never happen!”? :wink:

  • Every day
  • A couple of times a week
  • Once a month
  • Never, am I missing something?
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Inspired by a Slack convo with @ajwilson. :smiley:

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Riffing on a similar theme is “The user shouldn’t be doing that…” and the classic “Well that’s what they asked for…”


A few times/year.
I might have said it more than heard it, being pessimistic and honest.

A few contexts as this question is generic:

  • I asked for a workstation upgrade;
  • I asked to be able to control my own the software installed on my machine(to get admin access);
  • I suggested major refactoring as we’ve been patching and bug-fixing increasingly;
  • I said we shouldn’t write detailed test-cases;
  • I recommended we change the strategy because we’ll fail with automation if we keep doing the same things for longer;
  • I asked for a promotion, a raise, a role change;

I think the more I stop caring about things around the less I hear it. It’s all positive vibes :slight_smile: