How To Automate Web Application Testing Using Playwright

Hello fellow members,

Having recently delved into a comprehensive discourse on leveraging Playwright for automating web application testing, I’m keen to delve deeper into this dynamic realm. While the aforementioned resource provided valuable insights, I believe there’s much more to uncover.

Together, let’s elevate our understanding and proficiency in harnessing Playwright’s capabilities to drive excellence in web application testing.

Eagerly awaiting your contributions.

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What sort of thing are you keen to share? There are already a ton of resources out there

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@vijayashree As a team, we have been using Playwright for a little over a year now. Not looking back either. Each release update brings new functionality that we are embracing.

One area we are looking at currently is the ability to run our tests from a test server regularly and report the results. Whilst we have the majority ‘worked out’, it is the execution side and ensuring the tests are in sync on the test server that is our sticking point. Any Suggestions?

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