How to choose what to do next?

As a Quality Engineer, I find myself getting involved in higher level conversations in the very early parts of the SDLC. I’m working with the Product and Engineering Managers (yey 3-Hats / 3 Amigos), to try and figure out what to build next.

Turns out, this isn’t an easy thing to do, especially when trying to figure out what changes might have the biggest impact so we can evaluate our options.

One thing I’m learning more about, to see if it can help us is Impact Mapping, and I’m working though the resources here:

I’d love to know, wow are you getting involved in the requirements gathering process, and what methods and techniques are working for you to support the team figuring out the right things to build?

Have you tried Impact Mapping, how did it go?

What else is there, what worked for you? anything I should avoid?

Thank you!

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Hello, I attended a really great conference run by Rik Marselis, he covered establishing a risk class for each requirement/user story

Determining risk class | TMap

Rik tells us that this is a great strategy to determine the intensity of testing activities,
but I wonder if it could also support your discussions in determining what to build next, if its low risk in terms of impact and chance of failure does it really need developing just now?

I haven’t tried impact mapping before but sounds like there’s even some overlap in the thought process between the two approaches


Thank you! I’ll take a look.

I think what a lot of these things have in common, is figuring what what you really want to change, and what risks there are that might stop you getting there.