How to get to Belfast?

We have a few options of airports for Belfast

  • Belfast City - closer to the city so cheaper for a taxi in but flights to there can cost a bit more
  • Belfast International - further from the city so taxis are expensive but there is a bus (note the bus has a limited service on a Sunday)
  • Dublin - a bus operates between Dublin Airport and Belfast

Thanks to Mark Winteringham for this nice guide on travel from the airports.

Timetables for airport buses (Including from Dublin Airport) can be found on the Translink website or

If you’re not flying to Belfast there’s a train from Dublin (note online booking 72 hours in advance helps make it cheaper).

More locally, the venue is right by Botanic train station & the 7, 8 or 9 metro buses should get you close (look for Bradbury place on the timetable).