Where are people staying?

A few of us are staying in the Crescent Town House on booking.com it seems to be booked out but if you go to their website there are still some rooms available.

Some other options:
Within 5 minute walk

  • Dukes at Queens
  • Ibis Belfast Queens Quarter
  • Holiday Inn Express Belfast City Queens Quarter
  • Benedicts

10 minute or more walk

  • ETAP hotel Belfast is pretty cheap, basic but functional
  • Clayton Hotel
  • Holiday Inn Belfast
  • Park Inn Radisson
  • Radisson Blu
  • Europa right by the Europa bus centre & Great Victoria street train station
  • Fitzwilliam
  • Travellodge
  • Ten Square

The meetups will be quite close to the venue so you won’t have far to walk to/from them.

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I’m staying at IBIS in city centre (figured it’ll be easier to get there from the airport as I arrive a bit later on Wednesday evening).

I’ll just enjoy the 20 min walk to the conference from my hotel and listen to some awesome podcasts :smiley:

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Is that the Ibis near Castlecourt (on Castle Street)? If you’re staying there and like Mexican food there is an amazing new place after opening beside it that do lunch on Fridays. I would happily join you if that’s the case :wink:

yep that’s the one :slight_smile: Sounds like a plan. I don’t really know what I’m going to do on Friday, was planning to hear recommendations from people in the area

Ah yes I meant to add a forum post for that! Hugh had some great suggestions for @mwinteringham

I am staying at Benedicts Hotel Belfast

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I am staying at the Bullitt Hotel, Church Lane.

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Thanks for the tips, @heather_reid! I’m booked at the ibis Belfast City Centre on Castle Street. I liked the sound of a walk for a clear head in the morning. I’ll see if I can grab some of that Mexican food during my stay. See you there, @deament!



We can walk together to the conference in the morning :slight_smile:

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I’ve just decided to nab myself an airbnb up on Lisburn road - close to venue and I’m lazy. Plus I used to live in that area when I was a student so felt all nostalgic. I’m up from the 17th. Anyone based up that way?