What hotels are you staying in?

Jurys Inn by the train station is a popular one this year.
As is Ibis just down from the train station.

There is also MyHotel.
Lots of independent small hotels, some better than others.

Anything next to West Street is likely to be noisy.

Where have you booked this year, or in the past?

I’m staying in an AirBnb :smiley:

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Motel Schmotel for me.
Awesome breakfast and room for my bike!

I’m staying at the Jury Inn - it was recommended. :slight_smile:

Jury Inn for me too I believe.

Looking forward to it, coming down Wednesday night so I am fresh and raring to go for Thursday… tho I’m not sure how fresh I’ll be feeling :joy:

I’m staying at the Ibis by the train station.

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You’re bringing your bike?

Hoping to ride it up and back down to Brighton, yes. :slight_smile:
If weather allows it.
Probably need to find a place to sleep in between Dover and Brighton.
Tent or Airbnb, I’m not sure. :slight_smile:

Jurys inn here too. There are two aren’t there I am at the one closest to the venue

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Yes there are two. The one closest to the station is the one closest to the venue.

There is another one on the seafront (it was called The Thistle until recently).

I too am at the Ibis by the train station, although I’m arriving Thursday and leaving Friday night.

I’m staying at Hotel Du Vin :slight_smile:

I am at the Travelodge this year :smiley:

I’m staying an extra night (Wednesday to Saturday now) so I’m now at the Holiday Inn

Jury’s inn by the train station

The Oriental - so a nice brisk walk every morning and evening :wink:

I’ll be in the Travelodge.

Staying in the Premier Inn in town, not the seafront- fancied a walk in the morning :wink:

I looked up my test case for TestBash Manchester 2016 and I just repeated it:

Test Step: Book room at the Premier Inn
Expected Result: Premier Inn room booked


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Enjoy very long walk uphill to the venue