What hotels are you staying in?

(Jesper) #21

The two times I went (so far) I’ve used MyHotel. Due to being closest to the venue (the Dome) - so that I can walk to & from with ease.

(Heather) #22

New venue is the Clarendon Centre :smile: It’s not terribly far from there actually either if I have the correct one.

(Aaron) #23

Hi everyone!

I’m excited to be coming to my first TestBash!

So, what recommendations do people have for somewhere quiet, with wifi, reasonably tidy (doesn’t have to be the ritz, but somewhere clean and tidy) within say…a 20 minute walk to the venue?

(Robert) #24

My colleagues and I are staying at the Premier Inn on North Street, about mid-way between the venue (at the top of the town) and the sea front. I’ve been in that hotel once, quite a few years back; I don’t know about wifi (“not tested”), but my colleagues stayed there last year and are happy to go back so it must be OK.

For a number of years in a previous existence I attended annual conferences in Brighton and we stayed in the Queens Hotel on the seafront. It would meet your requirements (though again I don’t know about wifi), but would be a bit more up-market in terms of cost, especially if you were self-funded (we had a conference package so the room rates were lower). (And the bar prices were rather steep.) Might be worth considering if you’re coming to Brighton with a partner who wasn’t going to TestBash and so wanted to make a bit of a break out of it.

(Aaron) #25

Thanks. No I’m coming alone and for the conference only :slight_smile:
Thanks for the recommendations! I’m getting pretty excited now

(Lee) #26

I’m at the Ibis. Stayed there last year, and being right by the train station was really useful, and not a long trek to the venue either.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at Brighton, only 2 months away now :smiley:

(Alastair) #27

Premier Inn for me :slight_smile: 15 minute walk to Clarendon Centre according to Google

(David) #28

Ibis by the station for me. Nice and local to the station and the centre. Motel Schmotel (the place I was first introduced to Beren over breakfast) is lovely but I’m lazy and the walk to the centre is all up hill. lol