Where are people staying for TestBash Manchester 2017?

(Heather) #1

We’ve booked into the Premier Inn in Media City. Where are others staying? Happy to share Ubers with anyone if needed to meetups :slight_smile: We’re around from the Wednesday (yet to book flights/ferry but accommodation booked).

I remember from last year that the Holiday Inn in Media City required a £50 security deposit on top of your room price on arrival. You get it back within a week ish but one to watch if (like me) you land over before payday planning to use that £50 on socialising!

(Joe) #2

I haven’t booked mine yet, but I’ll be there for the whole week (RST course through to conference). I guess Premier Inn will be cheaper than Holiday Inn too?

(Heather) #3

I think last year there wasn’t a huge difference between them if I recall correctly. They’re also side by side which is handy :slight_smile:

(Joe) #4

Huge difference in price, this year at least. £41 (if you pay now) for the Premier Inn on the Thursday night, over £100 at the Holiday Inn!
Skipped the breakfast option - by the looks of it there’s plenty of choice nearby.

(Stephen) #5

I’m at Premier Inn Salford Quays - I think that is the same one as you mentioned @heather_reid ?

(Daniel) #6

Premier Inn Media City - see you there

(Heather) #7

I don’t think it is. I know there’s two that are pretty close. Salford quays is one side of the venue and media city the other if I remember rightly. Not too far from each other though :slight_smile:

(Lee) #8

I’ll be at Ibis Budget Salford Quays from Wednesday to Friday :slight_smile: