Where are people staying in Dublin?

Does the TestBash have a recommended hotel, should I manage to make it from the American Midwest? Thanks.

Hey @tigerb, @gus is speaking to some hotels in the area to see if they would be open to a discount (no promises on that).

The Jurys Inn in Christchurch which I’ve added to the FAQs on the ticketing site. The venue is really central, there are loads of hotels within a 5-10 minute walk. The Paramount Hotel is super close but I’ve not stayed in it myself so it’s more a location recommendation than anything else :smiley:

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Some more help for this. It seems Ed Sheeran is playing that weekend which is affecting availability (the bloody cheek of him :stuck_out_tongue: )

To help expand the search options for people, check out the find us section on the venue page. They have information on bus routes to get there. There is a bus stop right outside.

It is a 10 – 15 minute walk from O’Connell Street

This means it is a 10-15 ish minute walk from the Luas line that runs along O’Connell Street. Alternatively (looking at the map on the venue site) you could take the red Luas line as far as the Four Courts and walk across the bridge.

I hope this helps folk get a general idea of the radius to be looking for accommodation in.

It is also a short walk (10-15 min) from the Green Luas line, either from Stephen’s green or Dawson street, so any accommodation in the south of Dublin that is close to the Luas would be good.
Personally I would recommend the south side of the city to our foreign guests (south of the river Liffey). You’ll recognise it is in the south from the postcode that is an even number and it will be something like D4, D6, D8 etc

Not going to get into a whole Northside V Southside thing with you Gus :smiley:

The Handel Hotel is really close by and reasonable prices, while if you or your company can afford it, the Morrison is nearby and very nice. Stayed in both before and are grand.


Thank you Michael! The Morrison is awesome. I don’t know the Handel, but I trust your word on it. Isn’t it amazing that we can have north/south banter and I am a dirty foreigner? :rofl:

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BTW, one of my best friends and co-organiser of the conference is from the northside and I was using this as a slight dig at him :rofl:

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I’m using Air BnB - just off Magennis place… about 20 mins walk.

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