How to improve manual testing skill?

Hi Team,
I am doing manual testing job from 3 years and now i want to know how improve my testing skills better to avoid any single mistake. please suggest the right way…


Being an active member of the testing community helps. for example. following other testers on social media, seeing what they are sharing, reading many articles on testing, engaging in discussions, setting a bit of time aside to try out new tools, and attending workshops, meetups, and conferences. And maybe do some reading about exploratory testing and testing heuristics.


Like with any discipline, the more you do it the better you get at at.

Depending on the application / thing you’ve got to test, keeping extensive notes on it, as well as knowing the fundamentals of how it works, its logic etc, get to know its lesser known behaviours and nuances. Having notes on these is quite critical.

Mobbing sessions also are a good way of learning exploratory testing. Include everyone involved in the project in a mobbing session - even stakeholders if possible - as you get to know how they’ll be wanting to use the thing too.


Be a note taker. yep Sam is right. This also implies you work on your observation skills. I find that playing mental puzzle games actually helps me understand how I can get myself to stay in the “zone” for longer.

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Just with friendly intension:

Avoiding any mistake is a big mistake. You learn from mistakes too.
There is no right path in the sense of a concrete manual with steps what to do.
Try different things and learn what works for you and your context. This will not work without mistakes.

I can suggest you different things and you have to find out for you own if/how they work for you.

Basically is testing learning a and experimenting with a product. Sure, very often supported by tools. To different degrees.
And as this products aren’t our owns, we discuss our testing with others. Discuss where risks are, what should be tested and what the the results and implications are. Also what hindrances you had and by that what could be improved to make testing easier.

This is the “single path” I see. Very abstract and therefore probably true for every tester (please don’t judge me for inaccurate details).
Sure, note taking its something all testers in one or the other way. As you see from the last words, even that is done differently.

To give you something more concrete:
I personally get much out of the work from James Marcus Bach and Michael Bolton from RST. Go on their websites and start reading what interests you.
When you can afford it, take one of the RST courses.

For the start: As you maybe familiar with the typical test pyramid here a link to a related topic.

Just be warned that some people are angry and/or sad how this two behave on social media (I see issues on both sides, no judgment intended. I’m sad about this situation). In personal contact I met them as nice people.
Therefore this names make same people angry and maybe reject further discussion with you.

Edit: I suggest to stop using “manual” testing. Start reading the websites and you will find out why.:wink:
Sure, there is much automation in testing.