How to test SAP

As an experienced test manager I am just learning about SAP, and I wonder how different a test strategy should be when testing in a SAP introduction, let say with some configurations and extensions. Obviously you have to test those… And the connection to the standard. But would you also test parts of the standard and how do you decide which parts?

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There’s a test management tool that specializes in SAP and has a component that analyses the standard change notes and does some crowdsourcing on what to test. Without it, you have to figure out for yourself what to test…

The thing with configurable standard systems, is that you can test both the standard system and your own customizations. Both parts with regards to new stuff and existing features. Often you can consider the Cots package stable. … I wrote about Cots here:

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Which parts of SAP are you testing (only ask as it’s a big beast - onprem ECC with a lot of modules/SRM, hosted solutions, C4C, SAP Cloud Platform etc…)?

I wasn’t that detailed yet. By now I would test ERP extensions possibly different than hana/s4 extensions…