How would you test this questions

It is quite funny that exacty when I am writing this I see that @mirza has a post on somenthing similar. :smiley:

I was thinking on making a collection of such questions and would like your questions and subject here.
So the goal would be to have a list of topic that you got during interviews or that you used during interview on the Subject of how would you test.

At the moment my list has the following

  • How would you test a login screen

  • How would you test an API

  • How would you test a Database

Would really appreciate your feedback here.


If I see their resume and I see they have experience with API Testing, then I tend to already go a bit deeper. Like asking what the difference is between Patch & Put or what kind of tests did you do with API headers? I mean itโ€™s definitely ok to ask those questions donโ€™t get me wrong. I would maybe ask what they would test on the UI & API (the difference).

What is your expected answer here?

If I were to ask this question I would expect something like:

  • Using X framework
  • testing json values
  • testing headers
  • testing cache
  • testing cookies
  • testing malformed json schemaโ€™s
  • testing http codes
  • performance testing

Other questions (depending on whatโ€™s in their resume):

  • What is Continuous Integration / Delivery / Development
  • What is DevOps to you and how does a tester fit in?
  • What is the difference between automation & orchestration
  • How would you handle a captcha in test automation
  • How do you create test data
  • Draw the perfect automation architecture for your ideal project