Mixing Poetry and Testing

I am doing the 30 Days API Challenge and in that direction decided to make some videos. However since there are a ton of videos about API testing I was thinking of a different way to ask people to watch my videos.

I came up with the below. Please have a look and give me your feedback

Selenium and E2E but what about little old me

I am the one doing the work that the end users see

Do you not know the heart and soul of any application

Is me, the API, have some consideration

If for some reason you’re not sure, what checks need to be done

Join Rester Tester from this week on and let us have some fun

We will explore, have fun and code and overcome frustration

And Rest Assured what will Get is unique creation.

The link below needs to be checked

At least once in a while

Updates will come least once a week

And a lot they will pile

You know the drill so have a look, subscribe and like at once :slight_smile:

Come join me and have some in this API dance.


It feels like @adystokes should be in on this

Thanks @christovskia for flagging
Very nice @restertest :clap: