I made you a #TestingMixtape – join in and share a helpful thread for someone to enjoy


I recently tweeted a 9 track #TestingMixtape for @callum.

I called it: Awesome Things Callum Does for The World of Exploratory Testing

And I thought, how about others try this out? Create a mixtape for someone or a group of people. On a topic that brings all the tracks together that an individual or group of people might want to hear.

For example, you could create a mixtape for security testing, leadership, Postman, mental wellbeing or whatever. Each track is just a thing to share - an article, video, tweet, post, website, podcast, book, whatever you like.

I think Twitter works well for this concept yet I guess it could work anywhere. Here’s a template for your first
tweet and then threaded tweets thereafter:

I made you a #TestingMixtape

It’s called [name of the thing that it’s all about]

Hope you enjoy it! ↓

Track n: [Fun track name or just the title of the thing you’re sharing] [a link]

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