Sharing testing tips via Twitter video

Recently I ran an experiment to learn if it’s possible to quickly share testing tips via Twitter video. I have all sorts of testing related ideas and thoughts and need different outlets to share them. I sometimes blog and write articles. I find that type of medium takes a lot of effort. So I set myself some goals:

  • Only record up to 2 minutes 20 seconds of video – Twitter’s video time-limit constraint
  • Record and publish first thing in the morning (to not spend a day worrying about doing the recording!)
  • No editing, just record and publish
  • Don’t script it, just use short notes to provide triggers whilst recording or just go for it
  • Don’t overthink it!
  • Aim to be helpful, even if you have no idea if it will be or not
  • Use examples as much as possible
  • Then make a point and keep it on point, don’t try to cram too much in
  • Keep a small list of ideas for future videos
  • Use #TestingInTheMorning to make it easily searchable

For most I used my mobile phone resting on my laptop which was resting on a pile of books so the height of the shot was reasonable enough.

The results of this experiment are available in this Twitter moment. Or use this #TestingInTheMorning search on Twitter. :movie_camera:

What do you think, are these videos valuable? Should I continue? Do you think you’d be up for doing one just to see what happens? I’d love to see more people trying this sort of thing, you might surprise yourself how quick and fun it is. It’s been a lot of fun not having to overthink things!


Hi Simon - I think it’s a great idea and am glad to see you’re getting enjoyment and value out of it. I replied to you on Twitter with similar comments a couple of weeks back.

It’s an interesting domain for me. By day, a test manager and by night I run my own Digital Marketing business so this is a cross-section of interests - testing and branding/video. Through my Instagram channel I’ve helped many others get started with video as it’s a fantastic way to share ideas and build a personal brand once you get over the fear of being on camera.

I don’t see many (any testers) using video and I don’t see all that much quality content on the web for the testing industry.

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Hi Simon,

Thanks again for your words of encouragement. Great to learn about your mix of interests and how you’re helping others – it sounds very cool!

There’s a couple of YouTube channels I enjoy:

Other than that, I also struggle to find good & short video-based content of testers sharing their experiences and ideas.


There’s also the 99 second talks, so in theory, if your videos are less than that you can submit them there too -

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I can also see it potentially being a useful resource once there is x amount of videos out there you could create a page/blog post listing them all with relevant titles/etc.

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Great idea, @rosie! :sunglasses:

YouTube channel :sunglasses:

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