Small short thoughts or longer podcast / written Blogs? HELP NEEDED

I’m currently setting myself a target to just take quick 1 take - 2 min videos and post them on twitter)[@testing_scott] (cant do it MOT yet sorry).
I want to do this for a few days and see how it goes, i really like this style and it works for me but I kind of want to know if its something that works?

I’m not in the teaching and mentoring world providing support to others.

I don’t want to go down the typical route of writing long test blogs as I personally don’t find that half as engaging as someone talking to me…

what is your personal thoughts have a look at what i did and give some feedback if you want…

would a longer sort of that be better i think 2 mins is long enough to start a conversation but let me know… i always loved getting up doing 99second talks at the conferences this is where it came from.

Thank you

PS: sorry for any grammar or spelling this is very much a one take sort of thing

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