Making Shorts on YouTube


I’m sharing…

My new series on how to Understand SQL, using Lego.

…and I think you’ll be interested in it because…

It’s a different way to express SQL. When I’ve told people, they said it’s a novel approach that they hadn’t seen before.

However, I’m not here to just tell you about these videos.
I’m also here to explain how easy it has been for me to make these videos.

If you aren’t used to the Shorts format on YouTube, they are videos up to 60 seconds long, recorded in portrait format. You can record and upload them directly from the YouTube app on your phone.
I edit them on my computer first, and use extra resources to add subtitles, make thumbnails, and so forth.
In 20 minutes, I have gone from recording the video, to getting it edited and uploaded.

The ever supportive @simon_tomes reached out, and suggested letting you all know how easy it is to make these videos, to encourage you to make your own shorts.
60 seconds goes really fast, but also means if you feel you wouldn’t be able to even fill a 99 second talk at TestBash, give yourself only a minute.

For those of you who did Racket, I get the same energy from it, and whilst I can’t go into the same detail I would as I did with that, it’s fast. It’s also good experience if you want to dip your toe into recording videos, which may be in addition to blogging or any other media you make, or even your first go.

Is there something on your mind you want to put out there?
Make a short!

Is there something you want others to put out there?
Say here, and maybe someone will be inspired to make it.

Let me know what you think below.


Thanks for sharing here, @nufenix. Your “Learn SQL with LEGO” video Shorts are fantastic. Very much appreciate how you inspire the testing community.

I love how easy and accessible the Short video production and publish approach is.

Very interested to see who might be open and up for taking the YouTube Short Video Challenge.


Loving these shorts, Lee, and very glad to see you sharing the idea of making shorts. It hadn’t occurred to me at all that this was a format. I doubt I’ll be making any myself in the near future but who knows, maybe the time will come! In the meantime, keep the Lego SQL vids coming!


I will try my best to keep them going Veerle!

I’ll eventually run out of things that I know, and can fit in the time frame, and that work with Lego. Until that point however, I’m going to keep trying to make one per day.

It was in the back of my mind from this really good video, that if anyone is interested in recording to watch - 15 Tips from 10 Years On YouTube - YouTube


:eyes: will defo check that out. Thanks for sharing!


Been a while since I started all this, but I wanted to say I’m now up to 31 shorts.

The nice thing about them is it has let me try out all sorts of different things.

One off posts, the Lego SQL videos above, going over TestSphere cards, and even sharing my journey of creating content.

Again I would say that if folks want to dip their toe into the water of posting on YouTube, videos only a minute maximum makes it much easy to make and get uploaded.

And don’t overthink quality to start with, as even now I am still learning tips and improvements with each video.


Congrats on all your YouTube efforts, @nufenix . So good to hear you’ve found your medium and it’s working for you and your audience.

I do like the TestSphere vids. Snappy and gets you immediately thinking.

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