Two Twenty Testing (short testing related tips shared via video)

What do you think of this idea?

  1. Record a video no longer than 2 minutes 20 seconds (the “get to the point” time constraint comes from Twitter)
  2. The video content is just you sharing a handy and very specific testing related tip – it’s short enough for someone to easily consume
  3. Publish the video some place and post a link to it on this thread

Perhaps this’ll help those of you who have excellent ideas to share but can’t quite find the medium/time to write or put together professional videos. I know I struggle with that. I think webcam/selfie-cam videos are cool cos they:

  • Don’t have to be overthought
  • Encourage reflection
  • Can start useful conversations

I’m interested to see if this thread could build a collection of easily consumable tips via video. And we could call it Two Twenty Testing or Triple T.

Here’s the first video: Do you make the most of your daily collaboration quota?


I’m conscious that the excellent Dojo has a number of personal 99 second talks (which are essentially the same format as this idea with less time).

I think the idea on this thread might work slightly differently as it encourages people to share on other platforms – for the benefit of reach – and then link back to this thread to bring it all back home to The Club.

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Love this idea. Exciting both to consume, and contribute.

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@simon_tomes I’m considering giving this a go - is there a Twitter HashTag we could use to tie it together (beyond posting it on a thread in the Club)?

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Ace! How about #TwoTwentyTesting or #220Testing?

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#TwoTwentyTesting works for me.

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Today’s video: How do you sell the benefits of exploratory testing to a team and senior management? :video_camera: