I wish testing

What do you wish software testing was? We asked on Twitter to get some ideas flowing

  • was thought of more often - MOOC teachers, at least introduce the concept in your classes!
  • was as easy as saying “Hey Siri, test my app”
  • was easy
  • wasn’t thought of as cheap and easy
  • wasn’t an afterthought
  • could find all the bugs
  • was understood by most of the companies and people who are called testers
  • was taking seriously by the companies so it would provide a better understanding of the products behaviour
  • wasn’t called Quality Assurance by some
  • and testers are given due respect like developers
  • was understood as being as integral to developing and releasing software as writing code
  • was not seen as the enemy
  • Or as a “blocker” for release
  • was taught as a career path at universities…or just in general, be a part of the curriculum
  • Was celebrated/credited on a successful release and not only pointed out on missed bugs in release. Testing should not be considered as thankless job.

What do you have to add to the list?

  • wasn’t undervaluated
  • was taken into account in small personal projects
  • was not only considered as a cost but a benefit as well
  • was truly recognised as a craft
  • wasn’t so focused on automation as the be all and end all
  • had more visibility of the vast range of influence, areas and subjects encompassed within it

was happening first instead of last


Wasn’t considered “quick” and “easy”

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was recognised as being as important as requirements, design and development in our SDLC.