Impostor Syndrome...let us talk about it

Found this nice post today about impostor syndrome.

We all had it, have it or will have it at one point in our life.

When it happends or if is already there read this, it will make you feel better


The nr 2 (comparing yourself to others) is such a killer on this topic.
A lot of people compare themselves with others and companies will compare their people also and say X is better then Y.

This counts towards professional & personal lives. You have absolutely no idea what someone else is doing to achieve something or where they come from. You have no idea where the starting point was of someone else, they might have had experience before and at some point people think they are the problem.

It pains me to see people still think this way. It’s so self-destructive, it reminds me of a talk of Simon Sinek about self-confidence:


I try to keep the following story in mind when I notice myself feeling like I am an imposter, again:


Readers may find this blog post on the last time I saw Neil Gaiman amusing.

Hay in May | Steer for the deep waters only (

(Apologies for the comparative lack of testing content.)

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That was a very useful article. I have been struggling with imposter syndrome lately. I’ll remind myself to read this again to memorise those tips!
It’s good to know that others experience this too.


Berglind Ósk’s got a solid take on this as well, with a very different tone (blog post that includes a link to a video of her presentation (there’s other takes of her giving the talk as she’s presented this at several conferences; I saw her present at PNSQC in 2017). I really appreciated how personal and vulnerable her presentation was.

p.s. call me an old fogey, but the rampant use of emoji in the originally linked post drove me batty/made it hard to read.


There are some great resources around Imposter Syndrome. I know @claire.reckless did a talk about this topic a few years ago and it’s available for free on MOT - The Fraud Squad - Learning to manage Impostor Syndrome as a | MoT

The testing peers also did a podcast episode on this topic earlier this year ( it is something more people than you realise suffer from. I get it every single day, waiting for someone to “find me out” and realise I’m not capable of doing what I’m paid to do… so far, not been caught so guess I’m doing something right!

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