Interview for QA lead role

Hello Folks,

I have been in the testing field for a few years and I am going for a QA lead interview. I wanted to seek some help and understand the bigger picture when answering any questions. I have been a successful tester and have more hands-on experience, but the new role is less hands-on and more about leading the test team and working with cross teams. At work, we apply QA methods, processes, and techniques by default, but at interviews, some things are missed. I would like to prep it in advance. Can you all share what QA concept questions one can prep that interviewer may ask? Thanks much!


If you have the job description. That should list some duties or expected behaviours. With those you could come up with some potential questions yourself.

For an example lets say “lead a team of testers” is a duty. You could reasonably expect to get asked questions around your experiences of that duty, and some hypothetical question’s.


  1. Tell me about a time you lead a team of testers on a project.
  2. How do you ensure consistency across the team? How do you mentor /coach? How do you get people to buy in to your vision?
  3. Tell me about a time you resolved conflict
  4. How do you communicate risks or testing to senior management

Real examples of things you’ve done are powerful. I also like STAR examples.

Good luck!


I second everything Aaron mentioned.

Puneet, other questions I would ask a lead are:

  1. How would you motivate QA engineers?
  2. When a person reporting to you, misses a bug, how do you rectify that those kinds of bugs are not missed in the future? May need to provide an example.

Thanks, Folks. Really appreciate your help. Is there any good website that can help in preparing?
So far, I find very helpful. Please let me know.

How did your interview go? Hope it went well!