Introducing accessibility in my work place

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I was hoping for a bit of advice about how to go about introducing accessibility testing into my company.

We have a website that we use as marketing for our main product but also for the general public which generates revenue through adverts.

I noticed that there are a few accessibility issues but no one seems to take me seriously when I raise them and they are closed in Jira. I’m sure there are many more that I haven’t noticed. One of them is as simply the fact there are “alt” attributes missing from some of the images.

How important is accessibility testing?
How can I then explain this to my manager when my tickets are kicked back?

I want to be able to present the facts to them instead of just my personal opinion.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hello @froberts this is a common, but very sad, fact in a lot of companies. There are many ways to argue a case for accessibility and I’ve spoken about this very subject at Testing Atelier in Leeds, Agile and Automation Days in Poland and later in the year I’ll be at Nordic Testing Days.

The Atelier talk is on YouTube here:

There are more and more legal reasons to take accessibility seriously but the absolute number one reason is, it is the right thing to do for everyone. A site that is accessible works better on older devices, slower networks, one handed, in sunlight etc. etc. etc.

I have a number of resources, tools and links I’ve shared with people including Sky in Leeds recently so if you feel comfortable drop me a mail at and I’ll happily send them over.

You might also want to point them to this recent BBC article (again US based but it won’t be long until you see these here) where legally compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines is becoming a basic requirement.

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Should also have said there’s lots of great content right here on the Club

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Excellent, thank you!

I saw that article earlier today on the BBC which reminded me of this topic. I will check out your video, so thank you for sharing.

I wonder if/when we will clamp down on it more in the UK

(Lee) #5

The main person I think of with Accessibility testing is @rightsaidjames - His blog post not only covers the how to do it (which you appear to be doing already), but the WHY, which is what you need support in pushing.

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To add to the great info already here, Michael Larsen writes & talks a lot about a11y testing, his website is

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@nufenix @lisa.crispin Thank you both :slight_smile: