Is the Restful Booker still online or replaced?

Hey Friends,

It’s been a while. I’m wondering if the Restful Booker sandbox site is still online?
Or has the URL changed?

Or is it just me being across the pond?

The URL is returning nothing, no errors, no front page, just a blank screen.


Paul “The Dark Arts Wizard of Test Automation” Grossman


I have been using

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Thanks. But that just looks like Mark’s book promo site.
And his links are dead or blank.

I’m looking for the link to the B&B Reservation system and the “Let me Hack” button.

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Hey Paul :wave: . I appreciate this might not help you but the link you shared loads for me as expected. Have you reached out to Mark Winteringham to ask if theres anything up with the site?

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@mwinteringham fyi he can defo shed some light on it! :slight_smile:

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Took a look and it appears to be back up. Not sure what happened :person_shrugging:

The logo needs fixing as it was hard linked to an image that I’ve since removed. Will address that soon.



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Can you share console logs or network logs for me? I still see the site up

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This is all there is :smiley:

Ok that looks like to be a network error as opposed to an issue on the site itself. I’m not sure what to suggest. Perhaps a version of chrome not playing well with the site?

I’m always up to date :smiley:

Firefox gives the same result. (white-page)

Console on FF:

So a few things to note:

  1. Cloudflare had some issues with a dodgy library that they’ve rolled back. Some of the errors shared seem to relate to the ones shared here.
  2. I’ve updated the dependencies on the site so everything is up to date (and fixed images)
  3. I had rolled back the size of the image the site was on to save a bit of money, but that clearly contributed to issues as well. So I’ve upgraded the instances again.

If someone can let me know if they can access the site again that would be ace!


It works! :slight_smile:


Works on my machine :stuck_out_tongue:

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This thread right here is the beautiful example of the testing context, it was like watching a mini episode of “Day in the Life of a Tester” :smiley: if there ever was one.