Jmeter courses?


it seems that I am now becoming a performance tester without my consent :slight_smile:

Does anyone know of resources or good courses where I can learn jmeter?

I’ve managed to record a few tests, which I think are working, but I’m sure I could be doing a lot more with the right skill set.

any suggestions most welcome

Hi @thegoatboy,

Hope you are doing well.

kindly find below links:

#1: (change the location accordingly)

I prefer JMeter as open source tool for the same.

Hope it may helpful to you.!

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Hello Steven,

there is a tutorial
This website provides some more information about performance testing. I can highly recommend it.


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Hi @thegoatboy,

When I started learning performance testing, I also learnt from guru99 as @janet suggested above. Beside that, I also read many articles from They really helped me a lot from starting time to now. Hope you can get some useful tips from this site.


Thanks for the updates.

I’m currently looking at guru99.

i found a lot of the blazemeter stuff seems to reference their tools, which I don’t have access to as I’m stuck behind a corporate firewall.

I’ve found an udemy course I might take the plunge on as it’s only £10.

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Hi @thegoatboy,

I just recommended that you should search and read articles about jmeter from blazemeter. E.g.:
How to Get Started With JMeter

When doing my performance testing tasks, sometimes I got stuck and could find some helpful articles from this site.


Thanks for the info. I have used that site :slight_smile:

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