Performance Testing courses?

Hi folks

can anyone recommend courses for Performance Testing please? This would be aimed at Software Testers / Test Leads with no prior experience of perf testing and could be software agnostic.
Preferred topics: creating/agreeing good requirements, useful metrics, appropriate test documentation.
Asking because department wants to upskill testers to meet demand for more performance testing.
Certification useful but not mandatory and a single formal course is preferred (ie rather than my own selection of random bookmarks!)
We would be continuing to use JMeter as preferred tech.

From my own experience:

  • Udemy - JMeter courses. Useful on the technical detail but not so good on how to apply and fit to project delivery. Application of good coding practice is weak imho (eg maintenance /scalability).

  • Book - The Hitchhiking Guide To Load Testing Projects - Leandro Melendez. Good practical steps. I like books for learning but online or face-to-face learning might be a better fit for some, therefore I’m reluctant to push this as sole material

  • Tools and Techniques for Performance and Load Testing - good intro

Thanks for your input :slight_smile:


Hi @danuk,

If not already on your radar:

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Thanks for this interesting information!

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This course could be worth checking out.

performance and load testing course on TAU

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Hi Simon, thanks for the links, I’m not currently a Pro member but will consider, cheers!


Hi Nicola
thanks for this link, this was already on my list above and definitely recommended :slight_smile: