Key testing skill - in one word

(Socially) Adaptable , but maybe the ‘Approachable’ from @devtotest is even better, as it’s one word :wink:


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Lateral thinker



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Thanks everyone - with this and the Twitter replies so far, I have 44 different words! Thats an amazing response. I have time to be adding more in between now and the end of April so if anyone want to contribute, please do so.
I was going to put these on a slide - I may need more than 1 otherwise the font is going to be very small :grin:

Its really interesting for me in that these replies support the subject I am talking about in May. I always doubt myself - so having responses that back up my thinking really helps. At least I can back up with evidence.

pachydermatous - making up 20 chars

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Sometimes, a defect’s fate depends on how determined the tester is. Especially when developers are eager to identify the problems as “system behavior” without any solid proof.

Very cool, @jfs17uk! As long as we’re making up words:


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Making up ? how very dare you :slight_smile:

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You need to be “customer focused”.

Saw this on a slide in a picture tweeted from TestBash Netherlands (thanks @maaret):


As a Tester, I want to help transform words into shared understanding, designs into testable products, activity into value.


Not really a skill, more of an attribute or characteristic: courage.

Can’t belive it was not listed yet: empathetic!

hmmmm well maybe telepathic :grinning:

Now now rules are rules :slight_smile: one word

Oh, that would definitely leave me in trouble - I failed Telepathy 101!

I knew you were going to say that!

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I see too many tester that don’t act like testers, they don’t care about learning more about testing, they don’t know what testing is, they show off some very stupid things, they disregard context, they trust too much on ‘certificates’ which stops their progress, they follow too much the bad market trends that sell, they don’t think critically about themselves, see testing as a job and not also as a pleasure, they refuse to switch their job because they don’t want to learn something else - and testing is ‘easy’ to do, they accept any requests without questioning them, they are stuck in documenting a lot, they do just automation checks all day - rarely testing or learning about anything, they are defined by the requirements others have from them.

With passion I think you can learn to be good, learn to have your own opinion, to have a spine to stand for your ideas, to challenge others, you can have the words and gather courage to say people are wrong, you can be efficient, you can work on your weaknesses, you can become someone respected.


Thank you all. I have a great long list to use in my talk and my slides are now done (well unless i tweak a little here or there!). The talk is going to be recorded so I’ll share where that is if people are interested.