Lean Coffee MoT Athens @ Etraveli Group 26/04/2023

On the 26th of April we gathered for a Lean Coffee Meetup that took place at the Etraveli Group facilities in Athens! Lean Coffee brought together around 25 participants, and two main topics were extensively discussed.

The first topic was related to "Test Tracking Tools”. The group discussed various popular tools such as TestRail, Zephyr and Jira, and shared their personal experiences with each one. We talked about the benefits and drawbacks of each tool and how we can integrate with the testing processes. The second topic which was discussed was “ChatGPT and Testing”. The group discussed how ChatGPT can be used to generate test cases automatically by providing inputs and expected outputs. We also talked about the potential of using ChatGPT for exploratory testing, where testers can ask ChatGPT to generate various scenarios and inputs to test the system. The group also discussed the limitations of ChatGPT, such as its lack of understanding of the business context and domain-specific knowledge, which could impact the quality of the generated test cases. Furthermore, it was also discussed that critical business details and the company’s intellectual property should not be provided to ChatGPT. Also, a member of the group shared his perspective and experience, as his company works with AI. He noted that it is important to know “how to ask” the AI so that it can be effective and shared many examples.

Overall, the Lean Coffee was a great opportunity for software testers to share their insights and learn from each other. The participants enjoyed the hospitality provided by the Etraveli Group and had a great time engaging in meaningful discussions. The night concluded with pizzas and drinks!