Legal requirements re. accessibility testing (non-public sector)

Hi there, I am quite new to QA but trying to encourage my company to take accessibility seriously. They are happy to work on this area, but there is no one here with any relevant experience, and we can’t implement changes to our dev processes or applications overnight.

Basically, as a first step we want to ensure we are meeting legal requirements. Can anyone help me out with this? Our platform is in Austria, so EU guidelines would apply - I first of all thought that WCAG 2.1 AA was what we were aiming for, then I read that this only applies to “public sector bodies”, whereas we are a food delivery platform.

Does anyone know of any legal requirements which apply to a platform such as ours? As far as I can see, there aren’t really any - just guidelines.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Kate, and welcome!

I think it will depend on specific legislation for Austria rather than the EU guidelines, IIRC there are some much wider EU directives around accessibility that should be implemented in national legislation. If your platform was intended for use by a UK audience, then the Disability Discrimination Act would apply and you’d need to make “reasonable provision” to ensure that someone with a disability could use it. Going for AA standard accessibility is however a good starting point, but you’ll probably need to do further research to refine your efforts in case there are any areas that you need to make sure you’re thoroughly accessible.

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Hi Kate, welcome! We had an article recently that might be useful is figuring it out - there’s also links to other resources that could help

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/segway. I am also keen to have any discussion of a non web standard brought out. I assume that Mobile device apps are covered in WCAG even when they don’t use HTML elements at all for example? Desktop apps are not getting the visibility and updates anymore it seems. I am particularly interested in the US market to be honest for non web apps.

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