URGENT need of Disability Web Accessibility Testing

Hi Everyone. I have an urgent matter. I am trying to get an estimate looking to source out any help or leads of organizations that can perform Disability Web Accessibility Testing to help assess some assess online learning programs. WCAG 2.0 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) is the standard we are using. If you have any connections that perform this type of accessible user testing please do not hesitate to get us connected. I am hoping to scope out and get a very rough timeline and estimate by Friday.

I already have resources on how I can do some content checks myself. The key here is an organization that can perform a formal audit with recommendations and a report.

Hi Ross,

I only seen this now. If you are in the UK I’ve found a few:

I’ve only worked with DAC and would recommend them based on the experience.

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@marie.drake also might know some companies, why did we not see this thread earlier? Busy lives

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On Twitter I follow Nicolas Steenhout (@vavroom) and Karl Groves (@karlgroves). My suggestion is to contact them.

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