Would you be open to speaking about an accessibility tool at an event I run?

Hey testers :smiley:

A couple of us have started a monthly informal workshop for Manual testers, and would love someone to volunteer to speak for 15 minutes about a favorite accessibility tool you know and use, and how to use it. It would be on August 12, 7pm MST via Zoom. Let me know! Thank you!

PS. I would even settle for someone suggesting an accessibility tool that I can learn, then teach how to use. :smiley:

Kim Garcia


For general accesibility I recommend either

As for a tool I did a video for Testbash on Wave which I recommend you can check it out


I like Accessibility Insights for Web · Accessibility Insights - particularly for keyboard navigation testing, which draws Tab stop arrows to show the flow of where the cursor goes. It makes it easier to see especially when the site on test doesn’t have obvious focus states. (…which would be another Accessibility issue…)


I’m sure this is something @adystokes could point you in the right direction with

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Thanks Simon, I’d also recommend getting to know WAVE as a good starting point. The advantages are

  • It’s free
  • There are multiple sections
  • Best of all you get an explanation of what is wrong, why it matters and what to do about it

I’d volunteer but the time is 1 o’clock in the morning for me and that’s well past my bedtime. You can find me on the MoT slack @kgarcia if you have any questions.


The browser add on WAVE is great, but the tool that really opened my eyes was just using a real screen reader. We test with NVDA. Add ons that simulate different levels of color blindness/eye problems are also interesting as not all visually impaired are completely blind. There are many different ones and even contrast checkers. Even just using a webpage at 400% can be eye opening.
And then there is the whole topic of non-eye related accessibility like language barriers, flashing pop ups, autoplay on sounds/videos, …

Unfortunately your meeting is at 3am my time. We can chat about this topic in advance if you want.