What accessibility tools are out there?

What accessibility tools are you aware of?

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Hello Melissa,
It depends on what you want to check but here’s a list of things I like to use:

Screen readers:

  • Jaws
  • NVDA


  • Lighthouse (Built in to the audits panel in DevTools) - enables you to run an audit on your site to find any potential issues
  • WAVE toolbar (Chrome Extension) - lets you find any potential issues with your page markup html/css
  • AXE (Chrome Extension) - same as WAVE but doesn’t reload the page before running the check, this is handy if you have lots of moving part on the page and don’t want to refresh the page but instead analyse the pages current state.
  • Chrome Lens - enables you to view your website with different eye sight conditions, colour blindness, total blindnes etc.


  • axe-matchers (Ruby) - allows you to run axe as part of your automated tests

Hope the above helps,



Thanks! This is super useful. @vivrichards A group of us are looking to evaluate different accessibility tools, so this can be a great starting point! I’m aware of accessibility testing, but I’m a novice and keen to learn more. There’s a few posts on here that I’ve been digesting.


This is a very interesting area for me because as a tester I’m now getting the opportunity to perform some accessibility testing.

So far in conjunction with our product owner we agreed to use this lovely lightweight tool to quickly assess pages: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/wcag-accessibility-audit/kpfleokokmllclahndmochhenmhncoej?hl=en

Thanks to the earlier posters for their ideas and look forward to seeing what future posters think and use…

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Hello folks, @ruarig and I did an accessibility power hour last month and there are quite a few links to tools so I won’t repeat them all here. Have a look and if you have any other questions post them and I’ll do my best to try and answer.


There are many accessibility testing tools out there. Some of the popular ones I have used are-

The free browser-based tool FireEyes, by Deque, allows you to analyze the accessibility of your web content in the DOM, after the browser has interpreted the code, and after JavaScript has been applied to the page.

This is free tool which is available as browser extension or a standalone API. The WAVE Chrome and Firefox extensions allows you to evaluate web content for accessibility issues directly within Chrome and Firefox browsers. Because the extension runs entirely within your web browser, no information is sent to the WAVE server. This ensures 100% private and secure accessibility reporting. The extension can check intranet, password-protected, dynamically generated, or sensitive web pages. Also, because the WAVE extension evaluates the rendered version of your page, locally displayed styles and dynamically-generated content from scripts or AJAX can be evaluated.

This is similar to WAVE and has chrome/firefox extension as well. This is basically a JavaScript library that executes automated accessibility testing inside your testing framework or browser of choice.

  • iOS/Android phone accessibility options

You have inbuilt Accessibility options within your physical iOS/Android device as well.

For example -

In iOS , if you navigate to General -> Accessibility you various options to test your application with.

In Android , the same Accessibility options should be available in the Setting menu options

This is the easiest way to know how you app reacts to various accessibility settings that can be changed from the actual device

Also, the below 2 sources will give you good ideas on different things to look out for when doing mobile accessibility testing.

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Overview


Also couple of useful sites to check out on accessibility testing are-


Accessibility Testing is performed to check that the application should be successfully accessed by people with physical disabilities (like Visual Impairments, Hearing Disabilities, etc). There are various tools used by Software testing company, which can check the accessibility of the application. Some of the tools are as follows:

  • AChecker (Accessibility Checker): Accessibility Checker is an open-source Web accessibility evaluation tool. We can examine the web accessibility by entering web page URL or by uploading its HTML file in this tool. AChecker can be used online as well as in offline mode (you can download and install the same.)

  • WAVE: Website Accessibility Evaluation Tool: WAVE is a tool developed by WebAIM for evaluating the accessibility of web contents. WAVE Evaluation tool is available as an extension for both Firefox and Chrome browser. It evaluates the page on the browser itself for accessibility and does not save anything on the server. On hitting the ‘Wave’ icon on browser, it will pop open a sidebar next to your page that lists errors, warnings and accessibility features found on your page. It will also overlay your page with icons showing you where the errors are.

  • JAWS (Job Access With Speech): JAWS is the most popular Screen Reader for the customers who have lost their vision. This tool works with IE, Firefox, Microsoft Office and also supports Windows with its touch screen gesture.

  • SortSite: SortSite is a website testing tool that tests for accessibility, broken links, HTML & CSS standards and cross-browser compatibility. User can run a free accessibility scan of many pages at their site and it will generate a report which shows errors and warnings as per the priority.

  • aXe: The Accessibility Engine: aXe has extensions for Chrome and Firefox browsers. However, these extensions are more developer-focused. On hitting the aXe icon on browser, it shows list of issues with related information. For each issue, the report will show how many times it was found on the page and also guide on how to resolve the issue in the same tab.

There are many more tools in the market (like: Pa11y, tota11y, Dynomapper, Accessibility Valet, aViewer, SiteImprove, Tenon, Lighthouse). However, the above-mentioned tools are the most popularly used.

Hope this information is helpful for you.


Hopefully I can check out your power hour with my pro membership @adystokes I’m going to make this a priority to expand my learnings on this topic this month.

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Found this very use also: Cards for Humanity - A practical tool for inclusive design - Great for workshops and discussion points

Deal two random cards, a person and a trait. Use this to work out how to meet their needs.
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Found this tools for accessibility testing:
2.Accessibility checker
3.Accessibility viewer

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This new course by Marie Drake from the Test Automation University has quite a few tools including those that need, as Marie puts it, human assistance. Well worth checking out.

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