Accessibility Testing Tools

Has anyone used these tools?



Been using them where I am to get as close to the WCAG as we can


Anybody? No.

Worst first post ever :crazy_face:

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Hah, it may be more suited to our accessibility section. Though not sure that would currently make a huge difference in responses.

I guess it would help to understand what you are trying to achieve and do.

Just looking to see what else is out there

I know about the html sniffer

Just wondering what else others use really

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I have a bunch listed here:

Thereโ€™s also a list here:


Sorry for missing this @rob_diamond! I use the WAVE tool as a Chrome extension and tend to have quite a few in Chrome and Firefox. Funkify is really good for showing disability simulations. Obviously the Chrome Developer tools. Landmarks gives you a quick look at, well, landmarks.

Recently Iโ€™ve added EasyRead and Sentence Segmentation to look at the impact of third party tools altering our site in reviewing the updated WCAG2.1 Guidelines. Hope you find one/some useful Rob.

Awesome cheers @adystokes and @rosie

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For Ember.js apps, there is addon that wrapps Deque Labsโ€™ axe-core accessibility testing engine very nicely.

test(โ€˜Some test caseโ€™, function(assert) {
andThen(() => assert.ok(true, โ€˜no a11y errors found!โ€™));

And you suddenly check 68 rules.