Lesson 5 - Activity 1 - How would you describe what testing is?

Time: 30 minutes – 1 hour

In the lesson, I shared my definition of what testing is, but if you were to do a quick web search you will find there are many different definitions of testing. With so many interpretations and opinions of what testing is, it’s useful to analyse as many as you can and create your own definition and understanding that you can refine over time as you have more experiences in testing.

Researching different definitions of testing will help you appreciate that the role is constantly changing and can be viewed very differently depending on the context. This research will also help you deepen your understanding of testing and help you to develop your own definition.
By creating your own definition, you are creating a guiding principle that will inform how you test and how you learn about testing as well as giving you the ability to justify and communicate the work you do to others.


  1. Research many different definitions and descriptions of what software testing is.
  2. Analyse and compare those definitions to discover their views on what testing is and isn’t. Some of these views will connect with you more than others.
  3. Using the definitions that you can relate to, create your own definition of software testing (note: the goal of this activity is not to write the ‘correct’ definition, but to create something that means something to you)
  4. Add your definition to your portfolio and share it on this thread to compare with others and discuss the differences and similarities of views on what testing is.