Lesson 2 - Activity 1 - How would you describe software development

Time: 30 minutes to research + 5 - 10 minutes writing

Introduction: In this lesson we’ve introduced you to the general concept of software development by exploring both what software development is and why we develop software. In this activity, you are going to build on that foundation knowledge with research to develop your own definition of what software development is.

Purpose: Completion of this activity has two benefits:

  1. Gathering different perspectives and definitions of what software development is will help broaden your understanding of this complex subject.
  2. Developing your own definition will help solidify your own understanding and interpretation of what software development is and help you communicate this to others. This is useful because, as testers, we need to always be thinking about why we are developing something and being an advocate for whoever is going to use the software.


  1. Research different definitions and descriptions of “software development”. Below are some research suggestions:
  • Speak to others on The Club or on our Slack groups
  • Search The Dojo for resources on the subject
  • Search the web for definitions
  • Search for articles, blogs posts or videos on the subject
  1. From your research, create your own definition or brief description of what software development is and post it as a reply to this thread. We’d love to read your thoughts and it’ll help other learners on this course with their research too.