My Definition/ Understanding of Software Development

After watching the videos on MoT Essentials. I was able to come up with a definition of my own.

Software Development
The process used to create software products such as smartphone and web apps as well as cloud services for example. The flow of software development consists of discussing ideas through teams, designing the solution, creating and testing the functionality of the solution, releasing it and monitoring results also through user feedback.


People may want to probably also get some context by going back to a lot of modern computing roots in the 1960’s when if you wrote “programmer” on your home loan application you could get thrown out by the bank manager. A lot of our current terminology stems from the 70’s where it did focus a lot on “discussing” but not sure that a solo app developer will perform that activity, however they will perform a “specification” activity in some form instead.

Does make you think though, and always good to reflect on what we personally see and then build that commonality of experience.