Lesson 2 - Activity 1 - How would you describe software development

Software development is planning of and executing the creation of software solutions with the purpose of creating useful software that solves a problem or enhances everyday life in some manner. The development process consists of planning, designing of UI/UX and underlying architecture for the software, programming the software, releasing it to the users and maintaining/supporting that software, with testing being performed throughout the process.

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Hello everyone! I am glad to be part of this course :eyeglasses:

My definition of software development:

Various activities and steps that lead to the construction of a software. Is also a process that begins with an external demand from a customer to find a solution to a certain issue. It starts with business understanding, the survey of requirements, specifications, design of the architecture, test plan and other documentations.
The coding usually takes place in parallel with the interface design and the quality area.
It will deliver software and features throughout the cycle. And the business area is responsible for the concept of ready.

Before course - It’s the production or expansion of new or existing software.

During course - It’s the collaborate process of developing software from initial ideas through to design, creation, testing, implementation and continued support.

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I would say in a few words that the definition of software development is the process from the inspiration of an idea for software to the creation, test, release, and maintenance of that software.


Software development starts from an a idea. After that there are processes like specifying, designing, programming, documenting, testing, and bug fixing of an application, framework or other software component. Whether is to solve a problem, to achieve things faster, make something more convenient or enhance our lives bottom line is to make our life easier.

Software Development is a process of building a software product that we find and use in our everyday lives. It is a complex procedure. It starts with an idea how to make things easier or faster, how we can use to computer/ any device to do the dirty work for us. Then come developers who design and create a software product. It is released to the public so people can access it and use it for their needs. This is not the end, because if users detect a bug in the product they can report it, so that develeper team can once again work on it and make it even better.

Software Development is a process of which creates and designs from an idea to meet stakeholders’ expectations and enhance experience. The solidifying of the idea is implemented through means of code. Then, writing and reviewing the code, it is released to the public for use. After that, continuous monitoring and maintenance is required in order to keep the software stable.
In today’s world of technological advancements, software development is empirical evidence as necessity in modern businesses.

Software development is an ongoing process which involves conceiving, creating, releasing and then maintaining software products. Testing is carried out during each of these activities to ensure the software produced meets its purpose.

Software development is the process of building software products, it involves defining what you want to improve, writing code , testing code, deploying code to production for use and maintenance of deployed codes.

Software development is a process of planning, creating, designing, deploying and supporting software.

Software development is the process to create a software product. It’s started from generating the idea of the software feature, identifying its requirements, designing its feature and architecture, producing the software through coding, launching the software to the customer/user, and maintaining the software. Between each development process, there is some testing process as well to make sure that the software is met its requirements and delivered in good quality.

Software development is the process of imagining, designing, creating, testing and deploying software that serves a particular function or a series of functions. It is usually designed to solve a problem, get something done faster or to enhance our lives in some way. The development process is cyclical and ongoing due to the ever changing demands and requirements of both personal and business users. This involves an initial idea, design, creation of code and programming, delivery, testing and maintenance and deployment.

Software development is the process of creating, progressing, maintaining and constantly improving applications or infrastructures that serve a specific purpose in society to solve problems or function as an economic tool.

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Software Development is creating/developing a software that helps our life easier. It enhance how we handle manual process to automate it and make it easier for us.

For me software development is the highly collaborative process of taking an idea for a programme and putting that idea through multiple processes that will researching in order to better refine the design and implementation of the software. Then onto writing and testing the software in relation to the outlined specifications and requirements. Once in the hands of the user there is an ongoing process of maintaining and improving the software to continuously improve the software and user experience.

Software Development is the process of creating a product from one idea through the collaboration of Design,Creation,Release and being tested before the main idea wil be finalised for use it to enhancing and resolve our lives.

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Software Development is the process of developing the software by following the SDLC method & keeping in mind to meet the requirement.
By developing the software we are proving the “Code can make your life easy”. jokes apart … ha ha ha …

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Software development is the collection of processes and tasks used in the production of a software product, which can be small or large, but is rarely simple, and the end product should provide the required functionality in a usable system.

It involves a number of stages, from the original idea, through architecture, requirements, design, development, test and release, to support and maintenance of the product and end-of-life.

A variety of skills and experience are required by team members across the stages and processes.

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Software development is a collaborative process of converting ideas to software. The process involves but is not limited to information gathering, designing, coding, testing, releasing it to the target audience. The process is not finished here, as it is sometimes a continuous cycle. The released software is maintained and supported. User feedback is taken and the process starts all over again.

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Software development is the entire process and activities that starts from the idea of a software until is released functional and stable.

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