Lesson 2 - Activity 1 - How would you describe software development

I found this one… I like that it mentions established (Ie development) software

G. Wiesen

Software development is the process by which a company, team, or individual devises and implements an overall plan to create a new software program. This process can also be applied to an established program to create a new version of that software, though this is usually an abridged version of the process unless the new version is largely different from the previous one.

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Software Development can include coming up with an idea, molding the idea into what could be feasible, writing code that create the idea or feature, maintaining the program and continuously assessing the feature through testing, user feedback, and teamwork

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In my own view : Software Development is the activity that looks after the idealising, conceiving, building, deploying and maintenance software products and solutions that are by nature solving a problem.

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Software development just like the development of any other product, involves intentional steps or actions taken to create a particular product using different materials, skills and resources with the sole aim of solving a problem. Software are often developed with a hardware in mind as they can’t function alone.

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Software Development is the design, creation and maintenance of problem solving technology, with the purpose of streamlining existing processes.


software development is the process of producing a deliverable through the application of a software development lifecycle, which usually contains steps such as requirement specification, feature design, implementation, testing, and maintenance

Software development occurs when a need is seen to create a piece of software or to expand on a previous piece of software. Following the idea a design is created, which is then assessed for viability. Once a design is viable it will pass to implementation before being checked by software testers. In doing this the software may then be approved for release or repeat the steps of design, implementation and testing.