LinkedIn: Not accepting connection from recruiters, I'm I doing wrong?

I’m currently not actively looking for a job nor a better challenge - maybe I should but I’m a bit old school and not actively surveying for opportunities.

So I don’t usually accept connection requests from recruiters as I don’t really want to get my connection pool filled with recruiters…

Also I feel that I am benefiting their “rolodex”, not mine…

Am I seeing or managing this wrong ?

Am I at risk of being perceived wrong by recruiters when they see very few other recruiters in my connection pool ?


You manage it however you like. There is no good or bad in this case. Some people do like a good amount of recruiters as a connection so whenever they feel, it’s easier to hop jobs.

I usually only accept recruiters who have a funny introduction or who are based around where I would like to work, the rest I decline.

I don’t think recruiters will perceive it as wrong, they see it more as a challenge or opportunity (atleast that’s how I would see it)

Kind regards

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Personally, I have a list of rules for recruiters where I instantly block most of them.

Basically, the recruiter has to work for a company in the area where I work and they must make that point clear in the introduction. So if they have “we have a offer in QA which may interest you”… I’m out.

But recruiters, as far as I know, don’t care that you don’t have recruiters on your contacts. They want to see that you have contacts from your old employers and / or from other testers… this says that you have at least a non-hostile relationship with previous work. And my contacts, or lack thereof, has never entered a conversation.

So I think you’re doing well.

sounds good to me. @shamaho :slight_smile:

Also I decline if they clearly don’t consider my location/profile, and pitch a job 350+ km away.

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Junior roles when you have 10 years of experience? … GONE!

And that one head hunting company who sends me “requests” from someone else every few weeks…


I do accept recruiters on LinkedIn, but i will advise them that I’m not looking to change roles right now (and hope not to in the remaining few years before I retire). But I thought that in my last role, and that ended suddenly due to circumstances beyond my control. And who’s to say that won’t happen again, even though we hope it won’t?

The other thing is that your LinkedIn network is valuable to your other contacts. A couple of times when other contacts have come back onto the jobs market, I’ve circulated their details to my network when I think I can endorse them. (It’s not automatic; I have to know them reasonably well and be able to promote them.) The thing is that LinkedIn, like other social networks, isn’t a one-way street.


Recruiters won’t (or at least shouldn’t) take anything personally by not accepting a connection request. No one sending any kind of ‘cold’ request should!

LinkedIn is a professional social platform for us all to utilise in the way we best see fit, no right or wrongs with how each of us choose to use in that spirit, it in my opinion

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I think you have to do what you are comfortable with.

I used to accept any and all requests, then I had colleagues complaining that they were being contacted by people who I was connected to, and were upset about it.

I did a purge of connections that I didn’t know personally, but over time I have connected with more over time as my own ideas of how I use the platform have changed. I have put in my bio that I want to connect with anyone who wants to talk testing, that now is my aim on that platform.

I guess we can only be responsible for our own actions on platforms like this, and I would be inclined to remove certain connections if I felt that they were misused, as I did in the past.

I only add people I have worked with in person or remotely and know. Until a recruiter has spoken me over the phone, they are not automatically in my network.

I’m not a people person, but I do let recruiters in if they are good on the phone. They have premium memberships, and clever data mining tools, so they can see things we cannot anyway. But by keeping my network focused I hope to keep the data they have limited and focused around job types and locations I’m keenest on. Having a few in your network speeds up the process of covertly soliciting for work (it happens.)

I agree with the sentiment of manage this however you want. I have a few basic rules on accepting requests on LinkedIn and I’m happy to share the recruiter ones.
I accept if;
I’ve met them (and being nice helps)
They introduce themselves advising why they want to connect. If it’s an IT recruiter who wants more content etc that’s fine. If it’s I have a role you might be interested in and it actually fits then I accept and reply I’m not interested. If it is a past role or very unrelated I ignore.