Looking for eyes and voices in Testing, AI, Software Development & QA

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How about attending or speaking at the Quest for Quality conference in Dublin this November, it’s an all-expense paid trip for speakers (now if that isn’t cool, I dunno what is) here’s the link :point_down:


Check out the conference website and register to attend as a delegate who’d like to network, broaden their view on AI, Testing, Quality, and the perfect mix of all these in AI tested processes/software development, for career purposes/work - DevOps, agile, ML, etc are all inclusive in the conference makeup.

The sessions are usually lit! Watch highlights on the website as well, you can also check out feedback from previous attendees, speakers & members of our editorial board via the SM profiles (linkedin link) -

Lin - https://www.linkedin.com/showcase/19040090

Do you have ideas that rhyme with the above subjects? Send papers via our CFP page - This year’s conference will bring together 200+ professionals & decision makers from across the Digital, AI, QA, software & software testing industry. Subsequently, speaking at the conference scores a handful of goals - from the opportunity to collaborate with industry professionals from DIVERSE countries, to networking to profile boost & meetups with our business partners (I.E apart from sightseeing in Dublin of course).

Alright! :clap:t2: Who’s going to Dublin? :tipping_hand_woman:t2:

PS - If you or your organization would rather sponsor the event, there’s a tab on the website for that as well.


Excellent timing on sharing this - I have my local Meetup tomorrow night, and we share conferences that have open CFP, but only where they support the speakers with travel and accommodation.

I’ll let our attendees know, as well as have a look myself :wink:

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Sure thing Lee, looking forward :slight_smile: