Looking for some speakers for an Online conference in November 2023

Colombo Quality Camp (CQC) is a group of enthusiasts dedicated to improving the quality of software products and processes while aiming to close the gap between QA engineers and software engineers. Over the years, we have hosted numerous events on various QA topics. Our main goal is to serve as a facilitator, disseminating knowledge on emerging technologies and processes related to quality.

The Colombo Quality Camp has been organizing Quality Week since the year 2020, bringing together quality engineering professionals and enthusiasts in the industry, including university students.
The Colombo Quality Camp will host Quality Week 2023 for the fourth consecutive year from November 20th to 24th, from 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM IST. This five-day virtual conference aims to bring together local and global quality practitioners and provide a platform to share knowledge on this year’s theme, β€˜The Next Frontier: Unveiling New Chapters of Software Quality.’
The focus will be on driving the IT industry to the next wave of growth by adopting international standards of quality.

We take this opportunity to invite you or any member of your company to join us as a guest speaker to deliver a presentation on a topic of your choice, covering compelling case studies, cutting-edge innovations, inspiring success stories, and practical lessons in software testing.
We are seeking talks in the most pertinent and dynamic areas of testing, including:

β€’ Test Strategy, Planning, and Metrics
β€’ Unit Testing, TDD, BDD
β€’ Test Automation tools & Skills
β€’ CI/CD for Continues Testing
β€’ Testing in DevOps
β€’ Agile Testing
β€’ Big Data Analytics
β€’ Exploratory testing
β€’ AI and its impact on Software Quality
β€’ Performance and Load Testing
β€’ Quality to drive Delivery Excellence
β€’ Usability & Accessibility Testing
β€’ Quality Assurance Fit for the Future
β€’ Security Testing

The recommended time duration for your presentation will be 30 minutes. We would be honored if you accept our invitation and agree to be a part of this event, which aims to inspire and educate IT professionals.


Hi @tharindraj,

Thanks for sharing here.

How might someone share their interest? Is there a link you can provide for them to get in touch and put themselves forward?

Also, it’s unclear how you pay your speakers. Would you mind sharing details?

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Hi @simon_tomes ,
Thanks for replying back.
Anyone interested can get in touch with us via contact@colomboqualitycamp.com

CQC is a community driven group and we do not have a revenue model. This conference charges only 2000 LKR (6.19 USD) for all 5 days (10 sessions). this charge is to bear the costs for Online platform / registration platform / SM Boosting / some appreciation gifts for volunteers and speakers)

If anyone is interested on assisting us by doing a speech

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I am interested. I am going to send you an email shortly.